Managerial policy

Corporate Identity
To change continuously with the times and provide our customers with new value and high quality services.

uality Policy
We would like to create products that our customers can buy with confidence. To do so, we ensure conformity with requirements and
ISO 9001 : 2008 /JIS Q 9100:2009 (Get certified on November 2008)

Environmental Policy
At Nakano-Works, we take social responsibility seriously and prioritize environmental protection and pollution prevention as important
ISO 14005 Environmental Management (Get certified on February 2013)

CEO Akira Nakano

Technical skills test qualifier machine processing
 (numerical control milling machine operations)

◎ First rank technical skills test qualified staff
    Shinichi Takahashi - Certified October 2007

    Yukio Saito - Certified October 2007

    Yuji Takano - Certified October 2008

    Mikio Seino - Certified October 2016

◎ Second rank technical skills test qualified staff
    Junpei Kitsunai - Certified October 2008

    Hiromichi Kanno - Certified October 2012

    Hikaru Yamada - Certified October 2014

    Junya Ono - Certified October 2014

    Tomohiro Miura - Certified October 2015

    Syo Takahashi - Certified October 2016

    Yuya Miura - Certified October 2016