• Company overview

Company Name

Nakano Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


October 1955 (August 31, 1973)


20 million yen

Head Office: Fukushima factory/Tsukidate factory

<Head Office: Fukushima factory>

5-7 Sakutairi Okajima Fukushima City Fukushima Prefecture,


TEL +81-(0)24-572-2221 / FAX +81-(0)24-573-3744

<Tsukidate factory>

26-1 Miyoda Aza Shoda Tsukidate-cho Date City Fukushima Prefecture,


CEO - Akira Nakano

Senior Managing Director - Taisaburo Nakano

Managing Director - Akihiro Nakano

Factory scale

Fukushima Head Office factory - Land 10,699 m² / Building 3,530 m²

Fukushima Head Office factory - Land 2,245 m² / Building 785 m²

Business Information

Trial manufacture and manufacture of parts through precision processing.

Trial manufacture and manufacture of aviation and space related parts.


ISO9001, JISQ9100, ISO14005

Our Bank

Japan Finance Corporation, Fukushima Branch Office

The Shoko Chukin Bank, Fukushima Branch Office

Toho Bank, Hobara Branch Office

Fukushima Bank, Okabe Branch Office

Fukushima Shinkin Bank, Tsukitate Branch Office

Number of employees

34 people (As of June 2017)